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Corporates seek continuous training for their internal staff. Whether it’s a bank, service company, an FMCG,…, each corporate promotes its employee skills with training. But training is a costy process.
In addition to its direct cost, other indirect costs exist. The corporate trainees are not in duty during the training days. Moreover, they might have to travel for remote cities to the central training facility. Accommodation and transportation expenses increases the training bill.
Trainera is our cloud based e-learning solution for corporates to do in-house training. Trainera enables employees to watch videos that covers the training materials at their desks. Employees gets online quizzes after each video to assess their understanding of the materials covered. Each corporate can upload the training materials that covers its business and matches its needs.

El7essa is an e-learning platform that combines the concepts of flipped classrooms, adaptive learning and accountability. A target curriculum is divided into small chunks of videos explaining the material. Each video segment is followed by a small set of evaluation questions for the material covered in the video.
The platform constitutes an excellent help for community schools that target drop-outs especially girls where each child has the flexibility of watching the material at her convenience. The evaluation results are used to build comprehensive statistics on the performance of students within the school.

El3dad is a GPS based Taxi meter app. This is affordable easy to use app for riders and taxi drivers.

"i Clinic" is an innovative Mobile application to help physicians improve their clinics’ time management & provide superb experience to their patients.