Corporates and medium size businesses need IT solutions to improve their processes, both customer facing processes (Orders, Bookings,…etc) and/or internal ones (Accounting, HR,…etc).

Many industries are going into digital transformation and businesses needs IT solutions to cope with the change. Most businesses don’t have the capabilities to develop their own IT solutions. Therefore, they either buy ready to use solutions from the market or contract with Software houses to develop and customize solutions to match their needs.

In both cases, businesses find multiple offers in the table and get overwhelmed with technical solutions that may or may not match their business needs. For these reasons we shaped our service to match businesses needs

Solutlon Spaces

We write the solution specification that matches your business needs. We do multiple site visits to accomplish this mission. We elicit the system requirements and workflow by interviewing your team and monitoring your processes and workflows. The outcome of this process is the specification document that you hand to your IT solution provider. The solution provider should provide you the system that matches the features listed in the document.

Offers Evaluatlon

You usually get multiple offers for yout IT solution from different providers. You don’t know which one to pick and which technologies are best fit for your business. Offers varies a lot, one provider could ask for 10K$ and another one gives you a quote for 100K$ for the same solution. In this confusing situation, we do the technical assessment for you. We determine whether the 10K solution matches your need or it will be thrown away if acquired and you end up with buying the 100K at the end.


Once your provider deliver the solution, you need an expert to do the system inspection for you and run user acceptance tests to make sure the system matches your needs and the features set in the first step of the process. We make sure the system achieves the expected results and goals and worth the investment allocated for it.

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